Concealed Carry

This is designed to teach the student the basic knowledge and attitudes necessary for owning, and using the firearm of their choice safely. Topics covered include: Safe gun handling, concealment holsters selection, firearm manipulation, ammunition options and applications, fundamentals of pistol shooting including, grip, stance, sighting fundamentals, trigger control.

This class will provide you with all of the information you will need to apply for your Florida CCW permit.

Please wear comfortable clothing, long hair in a ponytail, closed toed shoes, no low-cut tops. You will be responsible for the ammunition, the ear/eye protection. You may use our firearms for an additional cost of $15.00 cash (ammunition is included ) if you do not have one. This fee will be paid to the instructor the day of your scheduled course.

Ammunition Required: 25 rounds
Equipment Required: Reliable Firearm. Eye & Ear Protection.

2-3 Hrs  

CONCEALED CARRY – Wed July 28th 2021 @6pm



CONCEALED CARRY – Tue Aug 10th 2021 @6pm


Private Firearms Training

Lessons can be conducted on a private, one-on-one basis, couples and small groups. Private training can be a customized class just for you! Starting from introductory lessons to advanced courses, our instructors have the certifications and background to cover it all! We can tailor training to YOUR skill level and YOUR schedule.


Private lessons are a 2-hour minimum. Private lesson costs include all range fees, safety equipment, targets and loaner guns if needed. Ammunition is not included but can be purchased during the training. The amount of ammunition needed will vary based on the nature of the lesson. Additional fees may apply for certain specialized training.

Single Student Lesson 2 Hour$175 ($75 each additional hour)
Two Student Lesson 2-2.5 Hour$225 ($125 each additional hour)
Three Student Lesson 2.5-3 Hour$325 ($200 each additional hour)

To schedule a lesson or for more information, please contact or 813-704-5964

Glock 19x

Glock officially released the civilian version of its U.S. Army Modular Handgun System (MHS) submission. With rumors of its existence, the introduction of the 19X to the Glock family lineup is not a surprise.


The 19X is a incestual result of Glock’s G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 pistols. With a compact G19 slide mated with a full-size G17 frame. The MHS solicitation called for pistols with multiple grip sizes. Interested companies needed to submit a full-sized version as well as a compact model. Manufacturers could submit two gun variants or one system that met all the needs of the Army. Glock met all the requirements of the MHS solicitation in one gun. The only difference between Glock’s 19X and its MHS submission is the lack of an external safety.



After finding out that CZ was going to release a Glock 19 size (striker-fired) pistol, I had to get my hands on it. Getting my hands on one was a little difficult and still is, as CZ is having a hard time keeping up with the demand on all of  their products. I have not been a CZ fanboy for long, but after having the opportunity to shoot a P07, and a CZ75 Accu-Shadow about two years ago I realized there is more to life than a Glock 19 gen3. Please keep in mind this is coming from a Glock fanboy.

CZ P-10C

The P-10 Compact grip angle avoids that “brick-in-the-hand” feeling that has plagued many in the striker-fired genre, allowing it to point naturally. A mild palm swell, deep beavertail make the P-10 fit your hands as if it were built for you. Its trigger minimizes the creep and with a short positive reset, shot placement and follow-ups are effortless. The polymer frame has a nice, aggressive texture that will give you a firm hold on the P-10 pistol under any conditions.

CZ P-10

Having the ability to shoot every day is a big plus, especially when you are thinking of switching your edc gun. Over the past few weeks I have personally fired close to a 1000 rounds through my P-10, and with confidence I can say it will now be my new edc gun.